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Why These Memes Will Make Your Monday Into A Fun Day

You roll out of bed, tired, disoriented and your twenty minutes passed the your alarm clock… Mondays is the hardest day to get back into the swing of things, am I right? The weekend feels like a blur and all you can think of is a triple shot espresso to wake your sleepy butt up!

What Are 14 Things You Hate About Being High?

1. Formulating a text takes hours 2. Untangling your headphones is a maze 3. Smoking with someone who always says “Yo I’m SO high.” 4. Knowing you reek on a packed subway and everyone’s looking at you… 5. Smoking with someone that doesn’t like your music taste 6. Hot boxing your moms car and having

What Are The 20 Best and Worst Trends of the 90’s?

1. Guess Jeans- Only reason Guess blew up was… hot models. 2. Snick- Before Adultswim, Snick ruled Saturday night living rooms. Who can forget the famous big orange couch?  3. Hansen- Mmmbop, the tune that would get stuck in your head all day long. 4. Beanie Babies- These adorable but pricey stuffed animals were all

What Everyday Struggles Do Girls From NYC Go Through?

1. Wearing make-up in the Summer 2. Taming your hair in humidity   3. The Trader Joe’s wine shop  4. Sweating 24/7 in the Summer 5. Splitting cabs and restaurant bills 6. Trying not to eat a whole pie of pizza at 4AM 7. Whether to wear a jacket or not 8. Balancing while wearing stilettos

What Are 10 Common Excuses Men Use To Avoid Sex?

I’m not attracted to you anymore. Your sister is hotter. I’m too Drunk.  I’m busy watching porn. I forgot to buy Viagra. I just got back from the strip joint and I used up all my energy there. I accidentally injured my penis zipping up my pants. I’m Gay. They ran out of the extra large

What Are The 10 Funniest Roller Coaster Snapshots?

1. Goin’ in like the Hulk 2. Not even phased 3. Gotta get your daily dose of news 4. My arms, my arms, where did they go? 5. Giddy up 6. Quick game of Pong 7. Morning essentials 8. Conducting business… 9. Jenga time 10. Alfred, Pop the Champagne