Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Girlfriend Watch Magic Mike XXL

Bad news for boyfriends, Magic Mike XXL the sequel is coming this July. Channing Tatum “teases” us with a trailer of sexiness, moves, and of course no shirts. The first Magic Mike was very commercially successful grossing over $167 million box office earnings with a budget of $7 million… so you do the math. There

Why Did Nationwide Super Bowl Commercial cause so much Controversy?

Nationwide really needs to fire their media consultant because they are still feeling the social media backlash heat from Sunday’s Super Bowl advertisement.   Many people can agree insurance commercials are not the easiest subject to market, especially about children fatalities. While the other super bowl commercials aired were fun and lighthearted, this commercial was

Why Ted 2 Will Be Everything But Soft For Fans

Our favorite, foul- mouthed stuffed bear is back and harder than ever. Ted 2 Trailer has just been released and has everyone buzzing with excitement. Ted the first movie was a huge commercial success for Seth MacFarlane back in 2012. Box office doesn’t lie and Ted became a worldwide success generating $549 million world wide.

Why is Everyone Debating Over “American Sniper”?

An amazing opening weekend for Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper which topped over 107 million over Martin Luther King weekend, more than they previously projected. Although conservatives raved the film as the ultimate veteran tribute for the longest war in American history, critics felt very differently about it. Michael Moore and Seth Rogen felt the movie depicted a

Who’s in Chanel’s New Movie?

Karl Lagerfeld’s new short movie being shown tomorrow at Metiers d’ Art show in Austria,  musician Pharrell Williams and model Cara Delevingne appear in Chanel’s movie. The short film is titled Reincarnation and features a duet from Pharrell and Cara. Enjoy!

Where Are These Washed-Up Rappers Now?

In the hip-hop world, one hit song can buy you your way to the top of the charts, but it can’t keep you there forever. Hell, even an entire album won’t help you stay relevant for eternity. Lyrics about Biggie and real life struggle will be easily replaced by some catchy beat alongside futile words

When Is ‘House of Cards’ Returning to Netflix?

Netflix has announced a release date for the third season of everyone’s favorite political drama thriller House of Cards. The full third season of House of Cards will be released for streaming on Netflix on February 27, 2015. Mark you calendars!!!! Here’s somewhat of a teaser just to get you guys even more excited!