Why Valentine’s Day is Irrelevant For Real Couples

Ahh the day of lovers is almost here and last minute scrambling for dates, events, and gift-giving are in full motion. Don’t be discouraged if you couldn’t give your boyfriend or girlfriend that one thing they had their eye on for a while. This holiday is a big deal to new or rushed relationships that feed

Where Are The Best Locations For The Perfect Millennial Getaway

Feeling like you are missing something in your life? Probably the sense of adventure and wonder is on low battery. Your twenty’s are probably the most selfish time in your life. It’s true… education, potential careers, and self-development are in turbo-mode. College-life is starting to become real-life and soon before you know it your party friends are

Where The Hottest Girls Hang in NYC and How to Approach Them?

New York City is such a major player for supplying sexy women all year round. The international diversity that this city demands is astounding. Going to clubs and bars are not the best places to meet the right kind of woman because of loud music, alcohol, and sheer distractions. If you really want to meet

Where Are The Best Cities to Party in The World?

5. Sao Paulo, Brazil The little brother that no one really knows about, Sao Paulo is more of a cultural hub than big brother Rio de Janeiro. The most populated city in Brazil, there are no shortages of people to play with. 4. Tel Aviv, Israel Israel surprisingly has a top notch nightlife. Famous for

What Are 6 Things Guys Do When At A Bar?

1. Spilling your beer while dancing. 2. Flirting with the bartender. 3. Taking shots with the bartender. 4. Having to pee ever so often. 5. Looking in the mirror and realizing you’re wrecked. 6. Blowing money like there’s no tomorrow.

What Are The Ways To Rebuild A Relationship After An Affair?

What can make a breakup permanent? What has to happen between two people who are attached to each other and have been with each other for a long time to split up for good? The answer is different for everyone, but the only other emotional breakage as bad as divorcing or splitting up is trying

What Are 10 Signs That You’re In The Perfect Relationship?

1. Being able to talk to your significant other shows that you definitely have a strong bond and are able to share thoughts no matter what the situation may be. 2. You do look at other men/women around you, but you have no yearning to cheat on your significant other. 3. The sex is still