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What Famous Celebrities Have Gone From Rich to Bankrupt and Why?

We can all agree that making money is a lot harder than spending it. It goes to show that having all the money in the world can disappear with extravagant spending, a bad drug habit, and crappy financial advisors. This formula never changes and unfortunately the spiral of debt ends in the bankruptcy abyss. Sometimes starting fresh

What Is The Most Luxurious Brand In China? Hint… It’s Not Designer

  When you think luxury in western culture, the first thing that probably pops into your mind would be Givenchy or Chanel… but in China its the iPhone. Not only did it smoke the smartphone competition but surprisingly beat fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes. China-based luxury publishing group Hurun Research claims it

Who Is Tim Cook and Why is He So Special?

When you think of apple, the first thing that pops up is Steve Jobs. Proud to be gay, reserved, and the heir to the Apple dynasty… Tim Cook started working for Apple in 1998 and his first project was SVP for Worldwide Operations. Cook closed factories and warehouses and replaced them with contract manufacturers. This

Who Are The 10 Highest Paid CEOs in the United States?

1. John Hammergren – Hammergren is the chairman and CEO of Mckesson Corporation, which is a medical and scientific supply company. As a leader in the healthcare industry, his current salary is around $131.2 million, which includes rewards and bonuses. 2. Ralph Lauren – The leader of the world-renowned brand, Ralph Lauren, Ralph is second

Why Should You Always Sign a Prenup? Let’s ask Harold Hamm.

CEO of Continental Resources, Harold Hamm was ranked at a net worth of $18.7 billion as of October 2014 but is expecting that number to drop quite a bit in coming months. One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, involved particularly in the oil and gas business, was going through rough tides at

What Are The Top NYC Start-Ups To Watch Right Now?

Rent The Runway You know when you have a closet full of clothes but still have nothing to wear? Rent The Runway makes high fashion affordable, allowing users to rent dresses for a fraction of the cost of buying the dress outright. Founders Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fliess came up with the idea while studying

Who is the World’s Richest Woman?

In a world dominated by men, it is doubly impressive and inspiring to be one of the wealthiest women in the world. A newly released report from Wealth-X ranks the wealthiest women in each region of the world. Although not as extensive as the men’s list, which includes a total of 2,039 billionaires around the

What Are the 10 Mottos Every Entrepreneur Lives By?

Every entrepreneur has their own story about how they reached success and the obstacles they had to face along their journey. The one thing that sets these people apart from others is their work ethic, imagination, and willingness to be different. They aren’t afraid to pursue their seemingly impossible dreams or to overcome mistakes they

Who is the World’s Richest Man?

With over 7 billion people on this planet, to say you’re the richest holds a certain level of prestige. But by the humble nature of Bill Gates you’d never know the guy is worth nearly $81.5 billion. At 59 years old, the Harvard University dropout and co-founder of Microsoft can easily retire and live a