Why Google Plus is a Joke… Literally!!!

Social media is like air for our generation. If you aren’t breathing and better yet suffocating on your biffles post about her long-haired Afghan, you are considered out-of-touch. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leading three musketeers of social media platforms to date but what about Google Plus? Its like the step cousin no one

Why These Memes Will Make Your Monday Into A Fun Day

You roll out of bed, tired, disoriented and your twenty minutes passed the your alarm clock… Mondays is the hardest day to get back into the swing of things, am I right? The weekend feels like a blur and all you can think of is a triple shot espresso to wake your sleepy butt up!

Why Valentine’s Day is Irrelevant For Real Couples

Ahh the day of lovers is almost here and last minute scrambling for dates, events, and gift-giving are in full motion. Don’t be discouraged if you couldn’t give your boyfriend or girlfriend that one thing they had their eye on for a while. This holiday is a big deal to new or rushed relationships that feed